Friday, February 22, 2008

Diego, Week Four

Here he is -- sitting up no less. Isn't he the wonder pup! The breeder has two puppies in this litter. She's keeping one -- also a male, and she's named him Ace. She said Ace has more attitutude, growling at her with his little puppy voice when she talks to him, although wagging his tail the entire time. Diego, on the other hand, licks her nose when she talks to him and looks at her adoringly. Just the type of puppy we need. Ace also happens to be just the type of puppy she needs, since she plans on showing him.
Since she's only an hour away, I asked about visiting. She said sure, but that I couldn't hold the puppies or bring Chelsea around them. I had planned on taking Chelsea, but leaving her in the car. Working in a vet's office for a while, I should have known that I couldn't hold Diego either, or get anywhere near his pen because of the possibility of transferring a virus to an unvaccinated pup. I didn't even think of it, although I should have. I don't think I'm going now, simply because I won't be able to resist the temptation to touch them, and it will be too hard not to pick Diego up and snuggle him a little. The breeder has promised to send photos frequently, so I guess I'll just have to be content with that until I can bring him home.

I think I'm going to send her a new, wrapped baby blanket that she can let Diego sleep in for a day or two (or a week) and then send back. I'd really like to get Chelsea familiar with his scent so that she recognizes it when he comes home. I'm sure she'll accept him -- I just want to make this whole thing as easy as possible on her.

I'm so excited!


Spot said...

number one again! sweet! diego's adorable! i bet he and chelsea will get along famously. i've got my bi-yearly sinus infection going full blast right now. which stinks, of course. everyone else is doing well. we all can't wait for the beach! talk to you later!

Margot Potter said... cute! I love your new puppy! Congratulations. Let us know when he comes home!