Friday, May 7, 2010

Almost time for my once a year post ...

It seems like that's about how frequently I can manage to blog, so we'll go with it.

A few weeks after my last post, I lost the love of my life, Miss Chelsea. She died on 8/5/2009, and it was one of the saddest days I've lived through. Her loss left a gaping wound in my heart that has finally started to slowly heal. I now only cry over her death once or twice a week instead of one or twice a day.

Chelsea came back to me one morning a few days after she died. For her entire life, from puppyhood on, every time she walked past me she would poke my leg with her nose. Every time, without fail. Diego has never done this, not once, not ever. The Friday morning after she died, I was getting ready for work and standing in the bathroom putting on my makeup. Diego walked past me and poked my leg with his nose. I had to go sit down. He had never done it before, and he has not done it since. I know it was her coming back for a minute to let me know she's ok, and I was thankful.

The Chihuahua brothers are vastly entertaining, though, and Skippyjon tries hard to love me in the same way Chelsea did. She and Skip used to have long conversations a few weeks before she died - he'd sit directly in front of her and would bark up at her face. She'd look down at him and would bark back. This would continue for ten-minute intervals, several times a week. I think she was telling him that she knew she was leaving and that he had to help take are of me. He is my snugglebug, and he makes a valiant effort. Diego continues to be the explorer - curious and interested in the people of this world. Well, except for those skateboarders who insist on riding the sidewalk right outside my front door. Those guys terrify him.

I might try to start posting more frequently. I still haven't decided which direction to head in blogging-wise. I'm doing a lot of papercrafting, but not enough to post something new every day. I'm still dyeing sock yarn, so maybe I'll post about that. And maybe someday I'll actually start gardening again!

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jaydee said...

it's wonderful how our "babies" find a way to let us know they are OK. I have heard so many stories, and experienced it myself, to know that it is true.

What to blog about.... well, it seems you have a few hobbies going on - why not just try a mixture of things and your blog will be an organic process.
good luck with it